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World Harvest Training Institute is designed to equip and train ministry gifts who are called to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. WHTI focuses on assisting and preparing anointed men and women of God through biblical training and development.  We provide biblical theology and practicums to produce success in ministry.  WHTI helps ministry gifts build and launch their ministries with the purpose of expanding the gospel of Jesus Christ.  What makes WHTI so different than most biblical schools is that it is not only a school of theology but a school of ministry.  If you are called to be a Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Psalmist, etc., then WHTI is here to help take your ministry to a greater level of excellence and effectiveness. 


"Yes you are called, but are you equipped?"


WHTI is a bible based ministry school designed to train and equip ministers of the gospel on how to excel in their God given call to ministry at a level of excellence while reflecting and continuing the ministry of Jesus Christ.


R E G I S T E R  T O D A Y!


WHTI utilizes anointed teachers to impart its in depth ministry courses.  WHTI has a 3 year curriculum that has graduated thousands of students all around the world.  Our curriculum was specifically designed for five fold ministry gifts success in ministry.  Not only will you as a student receive valuable information, but WHTI teaches you how to apply the information and build a Christ centered ministry.  


Dear future WHTI student,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to be apart of a dream come true.  It has always been my hearts desire to serve the body of Christ by living out Ephesians 4:11-13.  By you being apart of this endeavor, that desire is being fulfilled.  God has placed a burden on my heart to see that ministers are equipped, prepared, and developed to carry out their God given kingdom assignment.  WHTI will prepare you to effectively reap the harvest with a spirit of faith, love, and excellence.  I personally believe that WHTI is an answered prayer to many, and your commitment to WHTI will create the platform for God to do the supernatural in your ministry.  

I invite you to accept the challenge and the call that is in your heart!

Apostle Jerome A. Parker